How to increase the efficiency of your company by task automation with an ERP

It is a reality that many companies today still work without the right tools undermining their competition against others that have lower costs, are more efficient and offer better service.

Nowadays an ERP is essential in any company to be competitive.

In this post, we talk about the advantages of task automation and what processes you can automate in your company with an ERP system.

Increase efficiency

Advantages of task automation with an ERP

In general, automation is understood as the action of replacing a human operator with artificial devices during the execution of a process.

There are several advantages that motivate the automation of a process. The fundamentals are:

  • The improvement in productivity. The speed of execution of a certain task is much greater and the use of resources more efficient.
  • The improvement of quality through the reduction of errors and the systematization of the process.
  • The possibility of accessing more complex management techniques that can hardly be done manually.

What processes can we automate with an ERP system to increase the efficiency of our company


  • Finance and accounting

    Companies that invest in an ERP system get more control of their financial operations.

    task automation

  • Customer service

    If you automate some of the customer service requests of your business, your team may have more time to answer calls and advice from a real partner.

  • Supply chain management

    An ERP can help you optimize your manufacturing processes nationally and internationally and improve your supply chain.

  • Order Processing

    If you have an e-commerce, you can have an order processing module to help you better manage input, shipping, sales analysis and report generation.

  • Human Resources

    With a human resources module, you can improve staff management by guaranteeing great efficiency.

Improve the productivity and quality of your tasks with an ERP system



Process automation is one of the great advantages of ERP. It improves productivity, quality and allows more complex processes to be carried out in a reliable way.

Today it is essential for any company to be more competitive.

Small business owners think that an ERP is only suitable for large companies, however, if a small company wants to measure itself with large companies, it is necessary to consider an ERP solution.

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