Saving paper

From the paper tokens we pass to the typewriter.

From the typewriter to computers and scanners.

Companies have had to evolve as the digital revolution arrived.

And without a doubt, document scanning has been one of the smartest changes in offices.

Some of its benefits have been the reduction of storage space, the speed in the search for information or the saving paper and photocopies.

In this post, we analyze the advantages of having a paperless office.


Advantages of document digitalization


One of the main advantages of document digitalization is the saving of time for workers. The person in charge of research in the public sector of Deloitte, William Eggers, says that “it can eliminate 25% of the working hours of public employees.”

And it is that the digitalization of documents supposes multiple advantages not only for the private company, but also for the public one.


We summarize some of the most important:

  • Cost savings in the office.
  • Saving paper and space release. One of the problems that offices face every day is paper storage.
  • Easier to locate documents.
  • Greater respect for the environment.
  • Allows workers to focus on more productive tasks than filing, locating or stapling.
  • Allows greater control of access to information
  • More protection of the documentation, as well as loss or damage to it.

Once all your papers have been digitized, it will be time to manage them easily and quickly through software that saves you time in the search, archiving and distribution of those documents.


What documents can you scan?


Document scanning will allow you to access documents such as:

  • Supplier invoices.
  • Delivery notes.
  • Customer orders.
  • Insurance.
  • Plans, maps, photographs.
  • Multimedia files (videos, music).


Ready to save on paper?


The time of your company is valuable. Therefore, losing it with tasks that can facilitate technology today makes no sense.

Not only the saving of paper, hours and time, but of human and capital resources must be sufficient reasons to make the leap.

Ready to scan your documents?

If you have any questions, contact us and we will inform you.

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