Remote work as a measure against the spread of Coronavirus

Until recently, remote work was seen as an aid for the reconciliation of employees.

However, it begins to be seen as a solution to contingencies in companies when their workers cannot move to their jobs, either because of a temporary storm or a pandemic as is happening with the Coronavirus.

More and more companies have adopted remote work as a measure against propagation. This is the case of companies such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon or more traditional companies such as Bankia or Sabadell.

Working remotely through the internet reduces the likelihood of exposure to Coronavirus.

In this post, we are going to analyze some of the ways of working remotely and its benefits for companies:

Remote work Coronavirus


  • Digital communication

Digital communication is the exchange of information and knowledge through digital tools.

Some digital media are the company’s website, blog, social networks or project management platforms such as Bitrix, newsletters or mobile applications.

This type of communication stands out for being more fluid, scalable and closer to the conversation than traditional channels such as posters, brochures or newspapers.


  • Webinar

The webinar is a conversation on the Internet.

You can hold online conferences with customers, employees, suppliers or partners without leaving your home or office. But you can also make a presentation or a demonstration of a product or even teach a course.

You can transmit a message anytime, anywhere.

One of the advantages of the webinar is that participants listen to the presenter in real-time and can ask questions and get answers live.


  • ERP

ERP software is an internal tool for business processes and data exchange between different departments of the company.

More specifically, ERP systems are responsible for production, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipments, invoices and company accounting.

But they also intervene in the control of other sections, such as human resources management.

The ERP is closely related to remote work, as it allows company workers remote access with their credentials from anywhere, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.


  • CRM

CRM is a customer relationship manager.

This application allows the registration of visits, calls, interactions and final sales.

This is information that the company can use strategically to retain its current customers and capture potentials.

CRM software allows companies to increase their probability of sales. This is because the entire team of the company has access to the detailed information of the users, so it is very easy to access their history to analyze their profile and predict their behavior in the future. These two aspects allow companies to make the best decisions to increase their income.

What is a CRM

Remote work, a competitive advantage for companies


The available technologies facilitate remote and collaborative work, both among employees of the same company and between employees and customers.

Its use is usually linked to cost savings for both the company and employees, which saves time and money that would otherwise be used for travel, transportation, vehicles or fuel.

And in situations like the Wuhan Coronovarius, the adoption of telework technologies is a competitive advantage and increases the resilience of companies.

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