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Creation and management of contact lists

No more email on the junk

Contact segmentation

a CRM but not for selling!

Updating the info of your contact

I love my Slack, Gmail, Asana and Outlook

Easy integration with your old Apps

The digital transformation has a big problem: the integration, but in Senda we know the solution for it. So we can prive a really easy, fast and painless integration from your acctual way of work to a new even better.

Imagine to have connected your contact list with LinkIn and instantlly any of your contact when they update their info there it will appear on your contact list. An important step for the segmentation before sending mass emails, right?

We work with software who allows multiple integrations, so the digitalization process it will be no painful for your team.

We show you how

Team management
Improve sales with a CRM

Contact: segmentation, list and no “junk folder”

You have thousands of contact, but you want to send a email spend the time thinking on the info to be sent reather than searching and segmenting all your contacts.

We know, you love and hate on the same time MailChimp and other similar software, there are other solutions to communicate your important information to the right people and not get on the junk folder.

a CRM for contact, no for selling

There are many options for a Contact Relation Management, many are made for selling process, but not all of them, we know how to use it and implementate it.

That´s right! yes it is possible. We will love to explain you how to do it.

The communication of the new activities, and the important news to your team, to the public institutions, other NPO.

Cloud-Based ERP competitive

How we work


Digital consultancy

We analyze the actual situation of the digitalization process from your Non-Profit Organization. What and how App/programs are your team using. Also, we listen what are you needs and goals, so we can create a plan.


Digital Plan

Based on the first stept, we tailored a digital transformation plan, so you can achive your needs and don´t loose more time in mechanical tasks.



We purchase the new software that it will be need, create the dashboard and user profiles. Also, the most important part is the integration with your old Apps and programs, in this way you can have the best experiencie from the new digital solution.



So you have your software implemate and integrate, how does it work now? We will explain to your team to spend the less in the digital transformation process and take all the advantage fr0m the new way of work.