How to prevent my Mailchimp campaigns from ending up in the trash?

Do the emails you send to your customers end up in the spam folder of their emails even though you are offering them your best and most valuable information?

If your potential clients are missing your messages and cannot read you because the computer systems brand you as spam, stay and read this post. In it, we explain how to solve problems with your Mailchimp campaigns.


Build trust relationships in your Mailchimp campaigns


Think that in email marketing you are connecting with people.

And this relationship must be based on trust.

Google and many other email providers like Mailchimp focus on user experience.

That means they try to protect us from annoying, repetitive or irrelevant emails.

So showing that you know these people, that you don’t want to bother them with your information, and that what you send them is relevant is important.


What measures to take to avoid ending up in the spam folder in your Mailchimp campaigns?


  • Authenticate your domain and SPF records

It’s one of the things sellers overlook the first time. You must configure an SPF record so that your server,, is authorized to use Mailmchimp’s servers and send mail securely such as

You have to be careful with using free email addresses. Better to use the company.

In this post, you can see step by step how to authenticate the domain and verify Mailchimp servers.


  • Do not be commercial or sell aggressive; instead, be friendly.

Do not send sales emails all the time. When you compose your emails, use unique content and add value to your potential clients.

Try to help them and solve their doubts. By establishing a relationship based on trust, the sale will come as a natural consequence.

On the other hand, avoid the use of words such as sales, marketing or discount in your texts, as the systems will mark them as spam.

In this post, you can learn how to write an irresistible sales email without feeling awkward.


Mailchimp campaigns


  • Make it easy for users to unsubscribe from your list.

Users must be on your mailing list by their own option and have the possibility to unsubscribe if they wish.

Make sure that in your list there are only people interested in your content and your products or services.

Therefore, do not buy email lists online and offer in all your emails the possibility of unsubscribing from the list whenever they want. You can do it both at the beginning and at the end of your emails. Don’t hide it. You are not interested in users who do not open your emails.

Finally, when a user subscribes to your list, send them a welcome message and ask them to add you to their directory, thus avoiding ending up in their spam folder.


Go directly to the tray of your customers


If you follow these tips and offer your best content to your customers, your messages will arrive yes or yes to their inboxes.

Remember, don’t sell all the time. Instead, be useful, add value, send conversational content, avoid certain words that the system detects as spam, and authenticate your domain and SPF records.

Only in this way will you build relationships of trust and improve the user experience.

Here are some useful Mailchimp tips to help you set up your email better.

If you have any questions about how to configure your Mailchimp campaigns, contact us and we will help you get your valuable information to your customers.

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