Is it safe to use Gmail? 4 valuable tips to protect your email account

As regular online users, it is logical that we look for security service providers that safeguard our data.

Email is the work and leisure tool that we use the most every day.

And Gmail is one of the most used free email accounts in the world.

And, precisely, being a free service we may ask ourselves whether it is really a safe service.

The answer is yes.

Gmail belongs to Google, one of the most important technology companies in the world and, although this does not make it infallible, the company does everything necessary to make it difficult for hackers to work.

From using coded formats to offering the possibility to its users to implement a double verification system.

In this article, we show you 4 valuable tips to maintain the security of your Gmail.

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4 tips to preserve your Gmail


1)  Access your Gmail account through a computer that is well protected and has a security solution installed. It is important that you use the double verification system because it will help you protect yourself against possible attacks.

2) Always log out when you stop working with Gmail because not even the best security solution can protect you from prying eyes.

3) Regularly update your browser version and operating system and never connect to public WiFi networks.

4) Anyone who has a Gmail account can now activate what the company calls “Advanced Protection“.

This is a set of features that make it harder to hack your Google account.

These features are specifically aimed at “high risk” users, as expressed by Google. It includes political campaign personnel, activists,       journalists or people in abusive relationships.

The main advantage in terms of security is the need for a key or token as a second factor to log in, instead of a code sent via SMS or an application.



This is much better because there is no way for hackers to steal or intercept this key from afar.

Following these tips, your Gmail account will be safe from prying eyes and your protected passwords.

If you have any questions about the security of your company’s data, contact us and we will inform you of the best solutions.

Make it difficult for hackers!

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