Increase factory efficiency and link all processes with MatrixTL

MatrixTL is a business resource planning system that combines all business activities


The control of industrial manufacturing processes is one of the things that takes the sleep of the heads of any company.

And it is that the good progress of a company depends on factors such as continuous improvement, cost savings or quality assurance of its processes.

Therefore, by making good management of your assets you can make better decisions, which will have an impact on the profit and competitiveness of your company while reinforcing your know-how and efficiency in the factory.

factory efficiency

How to increase factory efficiency and strengthen business know-how


To be competitive today you have to plan and effectively manage warehouses and personnel, maintenance, orders or job security.

Companies also have to plan customer relationships and guard critical information to be efficient.

For this, there are tools that allow and facilitate the control of all these processes and increase the efficiency in the factory.

MatrixTL is a business resource planning system. It is an ERP that assists in all business activities, from human resources or warehouse management to production or internal purchases.

The great advantage of this software is that it allows uniting all the control of the company and the management of all departments in one place. In this way, companies can reduce downtime and keep all knowledge unified.

industrial plant know how

The modules that MatrixTL offers are:

  • Internet of things (IoT) and ability to remotely connect PLC hardware with support for more than 130 hardware manufacturers and controllers.
  • Centralized search of all your technical documents, technical drawings, reports, etc.
  • Maintenance cost analysis.
  • Maintenance analysis.
  • Installed hardware analysis.
  • Integration of hardware installed in DWG files.
  • Drawings (DWG files), DWG display and editing functions.
  • Integration of DWG files in the Plant / Unit reports Analysis of the general status Service reports Delivery reports (daily and monthly)
  • Task scheduling/work organization
  • User management and access control


More factory efficiency


Having all the processes together to improve factory efficiency is a possible reality and a competitive advantage over other companies.

Industries cannot remain oblivious to technological advances if they want to stay in the market.

Have more control of all your processes, save on costs and reinforce the know-how of your company.

Contact us and we will help you increase factory efficiency.

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