How to improve sales with a CRM

Segment and prioritize, improve the productivity of your employees and make the best decisions with a CRM


CRM is not only a tool for managing and planning the daily work of your company, but it also plays a key role in any marketing strategy.

According to Business Software Comparison, CRM software allows companies to increase their sales probability by up to 35 per cent.

This is because the entire team of the company has access to the detailed information of the users, so it is very easy to access their history to analyze their profile and predict their behaviour in the future. These two aspects allow companies to make the best decisions to increase their income.

In this post, we explain how you can improve your company’s sales with a CRM and the benefits of using it.


improve sales

Why can you improve sales with a CRM? Know the benefits of using it.

  •  The use of a CRM allows you to know the market and customers. With a CRM you can value customers and know those that have a better relationship with your company and which ones are worth prioritizing. This way you will understand their needs and use them as an opportunity.


  • You can segment and optimize. Selling a product taking into account the target audience you are targeting translates into more revenue and better service. In addition, by having access to all the data, you will optimize the processes and save time in the decisions you make.


  • You will improve the productivity of your employees. With automated processes, several commercials will be able to manage customer relationships, sales processes and company marketing. The advantage of CRM is that it facilitates teamwork!


  • Decision making will be more accurate. Concentrating all the information in a CRM program will facilitate the work in your company and the decision making will be more effective. For example, when deciding on email marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, telephone campaigns or physical visits. In addition, the CRM allows you to identify where you were wrong and the points you need to change to continue with your sales strategy.


  • It allows you to build customer loyalty. By collecting every detail of the behaviour of your users you can use it in your favour to improve your sales. For example, you can define a strategy with which to approach your customers and follow up step by step.


Improve sales with a CRM

Predict the behaviour of your customers and increase your sales

The use of CRM software is spreading in companies, in fact, 67% of managers already use it, according to a study on marketing and sales tools and the use of CRM software in companies in 2019 presented by SoftDoity.

And it is that having detailed information of your customers, being able to access their history to analyze their profile and predict their future behaviour are some of the advantages that the use of a CRM provides you and that are keys to increasing your sales flow.

With a CRM software, the whole team can access this information in detail and at any time, either through a mobile device or in the cloud.

If you want to know in detail how CRM software could improve your sales flow and what software best suits your company, contact us.

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