How to improve the security of your company on the Internet and protect your data

That someone steals your password or data is easier than you think.

Simply by using the same password on more than one site, downloading software from the Internet or clicking on the links that appear in the emails you are already putting your data in danger.

And if your passwords are stolen you are in danger of supplanting your identity, preventing you from accessing your accounts or even resetting the passwords of other accounts such as the bank.

“Both customer data and credibility of the entity itself are at risk”


In the case of companies, both customer data and the credibility of the entity itself are also at risk.

Any type of organization, from global companies, small businesses or even non-profit organizations can suffer serious financial and reputational losses.

No one is safe from suffering the attack of cybercriminals in the online world.

Therefore, more and more companies are putting more precaution in the protection of their data and those of their customers.

So in this post, we explain how you can implement a more secure system to protect your personal data through double factor security.


What is double factor security?


Double authentication, or two-step verification, is an additional layer of security that complements the use of a password.

Its objective is to ensure that the user not only knows the password to access the service, but also who claims to be providing information about something that only he owns in the logging process.

This information can be obtained through a phone call or SMS sent by the service, using a physical or virtual smart card or using a biometric device.

In the double verification processes, the first factor is usually a password that we have created, while the second factor is usually a random code generated by an authentication smart card, by an external device, by an app installed on our smartphone or equipment, or by biometric verification.

How double factor security works


  • We access the service login screen.
  • Insert our username and password.
  • We are asked for authentication confirmation by means of a code that we receive on the smart card.
  • And finally, you can also ask us for a third factor through a biometric device, for example, our fingerprint.

Many services such as Twitter, Gmail and Dropbox offer it for free, although they must be activated by users.

Data protection

The best double factor authentication applications


It is a two-step verification system with which you protect the security of your account with your password and your phone.

It offers secure access to work and personal applications, in the cloud and local in a single and simple application.

With Duo’s one-touch and easy-to-use interface, users can quickly verify their identity by approving push notifications before accessing applications.

It provides an additional layer of security over the pin and fingerprint.

FreeOTP is a two-factor authentication application for systems that use single-use password protocols. Tokens can be easily added by scanning a QR code

It is also a 2FA online protection system


Strengthen your security against cybercriminals


Our data and passwords are a very juicy target for these white-collar thieves.

And yet, most people only use passwords, that is, only one level of protection for their accounts.

Thanks to two-step verification, if an attacker discovers your password, you will also need your phone or security key to access the account.

Don’t make it easy for cybercriminals and protect your passwords.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you improve the security of your company on the Internet.

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