How to digitize your association

Most non-profit associations have started their digital transformation by creating their website and opening their profile on different social platforms.

However, they have forgotten that there are other digital services that add value to their entity and greatly facilitate their day-to-day tasks.

For example, all documents of the association can be digitized and stored in the cloud, you can also record all expenses and income or the additions and deletions of members.

Procedures that an entity has to face every day and it is no longer necessary to use paper to carry them out.

Thanks to digitization, your association’s data will be more accessible and faster and management will be more efficient.


Digitization will give more security to your association


Any type of organization, from global companies, small businesses or non-profit organizations, can suffer serious reputational and financial losses.

No one is safe from being attacked by cybercriminals in the online world.

Therefore, more and more companies are taking more precautions in the protection of their data and those of their customers.

Applications such as cloud-based CRM or ERP, in addition to being very secure, allow better decision-making, rapid implementation, scalability, are cheaper and allow your association to be more productive.


  • Regular backups

In addition, one of the main advantages of having all the data of your association unified is the possibility of making regular backups.

This allows you to keep all information secure.

  • Double authentication process

It is also important to establish a two-step double authentication or verification process. It is an additional layer of security that complements the use of a password.

Its objective is to ensure that the user not only knows the password to access the service but also that he claims to be providing information about something that only he has in the registration process.



How does digitization work in your association?


  • All information and integrated processes

You will have indicators of the entire association and its activities in one place and you can get analysis and breakdowns from anywhere and at any time. In this way, all members of the association and workers will have greater autonomy. For example, they can get the data they need instantly so they can react quickly to partner needs.

  • Immediate access to your association information

The immediacy in access to the information of your association is one of the advantages that an ERP provides. You will have all the work processes and data registered in the software so that you can access them at any time. This will allow you to make the best decisions in the management of your projects.

  • Better team management

The objective is to automate the work, avoiding errors and giving users a more analytical and controlling role than operational.

  • ERP connection with the web and chat

So if you have any questions that arise to a visitor to your website or associate, you can immediately contact someone from the association.

  • Webinar

The webinar is a conversation on the Internet. It will allow your association to conduct online conferences with clients, associates, employees or suppliers without leaving home or office. But you can also make a presentation or a demonstration or even teach a course.

One of the benefits of the webinar is that participants listen to the presenter in real-time and can ask questions and get live answers.

  • More fluid communication

It is important for any association to maintain fluid communication with its partners and clients.

The CRM allows you to analyze the online behavior of your visitors and thus choose the communication channel you prefer: email, calls, face-to-face visits, social networks


Advantages of a digitization plan


Digitization is here to stay due to its multiple benefits: saving time and money, knowledge, remote work, centralization and improving communication within and outside the association.

Facing a digitization process alone is not easy, contact us and we will guide you in your mission.

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