Discover how digitalization affects companies

Increased productivity and global connectivity are the great benefits of digital transformation.


Digitalization is present in all types of businesses, from electronics stores to more traditional companies.

It manifests itself in aspects of use as common as email, corporate website or smartphones.

Also in corporate communication, both between employees and between companies, customers and suppliers.

At present, it is difficult to find companies that do not use digital management tools. Almost all businesses use billing, email, CRM or content manager programs, among others.

digitalizationThe 5 benefits of digitalization in the company

The digital revolution is not only changing the user experience, but it has also transformed the activity of the companies.

Studies conducted in 2017/18 by IDC, Gartner and Forrester agree that increase productivity and global connectivity are the great benefits of digitalization.

Here are 5 great benefits of digital transformation:

  • Improves worker satisfaction

    Thanks to digital transformation, employees become more productive and their operational efficiency also increases.

  • Improves customer experience

    Digitizing some company processes increases customer retention levels. In addition, digital channels allow you to interact with your customers more easily and dynamically.

  • IT cost savings

    The implementation of Cloud Computing services and digital transformation are relevant aspects of the reduction of economic costs.

  • Increase productivity

    Decision making becomes easier and faster with the help of digital tools. They also allow you to evaluate processes or analyze decision making.

  • New business opportunities

    Technology provides new skills and new business processes that favor innovation and the promotion of ideas.

What is remote work?


remote work

Without a doubt, global connectivity and flexibility have been one of the great benefits that digitalization has generated.

Thus, from the point of view of the employee, the possibility of remote work has been opened.

It is the work process that is carried out at a distance, using the Internet and ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) to sell products and services to the world.

The distance concept means that you can work from different places: from home, a cafeteria or a coworking space.

A remote worker is a person who can work from any corner of the planet thanks to the advances that have been generated on the Internet and in ICT technologies in recent years.


Benefits of remote work

  • Increase in productivity

The results of distance work show an increase of between 10% and a 20% increase in employee productivity, according to

  • Increased job satisfaction

Employees who work from home report greater satisfaction with their jobs, since the stress created by an office environment is relieved.

  • Improved work and personal reconciliation

Remote workers are able to maintain a better balance between life and work through distance work. If a worker takes an average of 45 minutes on their trips between office and home, telecommuting can offer them an extra hour and a half to spend with their family or for themselves.

  • They improve costs and increase profitability

Distance work reduces overhead, the need for office space, the cost of rent, energy savings, telephone, internet connections or office supplies.

  • Reduces pollution and improves the environment

Avoiding the transfer of employees to the office decreases the pollution produced by their vehicles.


Towards greater productivity and global connectivity

Digitalization has transformed business activity and user experience.

The great benefits of digital transformation have been the increase in productivity and global connectivity.

In fact, remote work has meant a paradigm shift in the way companies work. And thanks to him, workers can work from home, an office or a cafeteria anywhere in the world.

“However, for the digital transformation to really take place there must be a business strategy behind the use of all those tools and technologies,” explains Nestor Guerra, one of the most recognized experts in the field of entrepreneurship ‘Lean Startup’ and instructor in Udemy.

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