A strong and experimented team for your EU Funding

Thanks to our partnership with Swan Consulting and ProDessus, we work in the field of EU Funding.
We understand that the best way to face an EU Funding is with a wider and deeper vision, that´s why we see it important to incorporate this service to our list because digitalization of the EU project has to be coordinate and planned from the first step.
We offer something in a new way, is not just searching the funding and drafting it, we do offer also the digitalization of the project management and the dissemination of the project. So you can have from the first to the last step a follow up from the same team.

transformación digital

Search and Report on E.U. Subsidy programmes

Once we have the idea of the project: A presentation is made to the relevant EU institutions; A thorough search is made through the EU Programmes that will adapt to it + a Report aimed to analyze the possibilities-opportunity of applying

Assesment on presentation of proposals

Relevant assessment on registration, financial and administrative presentation to be done on the proposal form. Technical assessment. project management and dissemination.


drafting, technical project management, and dissemination

Digital Project Management

Periodic report: technical, and financial
Task and deadline
Notification of deliverables and milestone
Follow up

Digital dissemination

Design for the Strategy Plan
Content for social media, web, media, and mailing