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In Senda Consulting we are here to help you make one of the most important steps regarding your business. Digitalization can be an overwhelming process and we understand you have the right to focus on your work.

Integrate all, easy and quick

There is no need to have deep knowledge of IT or spend hours looking for what would be the right solution. In Senda Consulting we have the knowledge and the tools. Our partnerships with leaders in the CRM sector ensures you will not be short in features and you will not pay for features you won’t use.

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Focus on what really matters

Do not waste effort and hours learning about how to digitalise your company.

Keep business know-how

Do not lose clients and business-critical information.

Improve communication

Keep better track of communication with your clients and staff by unifying your communication tools

Know better

Learn how to use analytical tools in order to learn what you can improve.

Sell more

CRMs help improve sales. You will see results and be able to understand better your business sales process.

Keep everything centralized

You can decide what to share with your team, providers, partners and clients, and all of them will know where to find it.

Advantages of digitalization and reasons to go digital

By being able to access data in real-time and have more and better analysis tools your company will be able to perform better in its market. From fleet management to manufacturing you will see the benefits of digitalization when applying the conclusions of the analysis provided by the tools.

  • Better manpower management
  • Faster reaction times thanks to immediate data
  • Lower machinery downtimes
  • Improve productivity
  • Lower costs by making departments more efficient.

Business process improvement

improved all business processes


improved key business processes


Did not improved business processes


Data of the Aberdeen Group indicates that companies that adopt ERPs cut their operational costs by 23%, administrative costs 22% and increase the number of in-time delivers  24%.

These are the steps towards your digital solution

CRM and ERP consultancy

We listen to your needs, and analyze the situation

Digitalization plan

Based on the analysis, we tailor a complete digitalization plan for your business


We deploy the plan and make sure everything works

Our software

Our services

see it!

ERP and CRM consultancy

Web design and development


Cloud based implementation

Our sectors


The world is changing and industries can’t remain strange to these changes.

Are you considering changing your ERP or implementing one for the first time? We can assist you in the change.

We will look for a solution that better suits you and covers all your needs. Warehouse and personnel management, maintenance, orders or work safety. Not forgetting about customer relations or the safekeeping of business-critical information.

Non-profit organisation

We know the specific needs of non-profit organizations and we have solutions that will cut costs and improve daily work.
-Event and personnel management
-Partners and associates registry
-Contact database management
-Projects workflow
We are committed to helping you reach as many people as possible and be able to continue with your task.


If your company manages projects and teams we have the best solutions to make your job easier. Control the work status, foresee future needs, make communications easier.

In Senda Consulting we have experience in the management of remote work. Also in the creation of platforms to make different departments work together. We will be pleased to apply our experience to your workflow.

How can Senda Consulting help you?

While we offer MatrixTL as an ERP and asset manager we do also have experience in the field of digitalization. An integral digitalization consultancy will provide you with a professional view of what you actually need. We do also have other partners such as Dropbox that may suit other needs. 

If you need an integrated office suite or maybe cloud space we will find the best plan for you.

We can also provide you with one of our strictly sales-oriented CRMs that will make contact with the client easier to analyze and will improve your sales.

Focus on what really matters, production and sales while we study your needs and prepare you a digitalization plan that will help you cut costs by increasing efficiency and lowering maintenance downtimes.

Reasons for using consultants

Support internal resources with external specific skills and expertise


Turn around an at-risk implementation


Provide organizational change management support


Manage implementation


Conduct and unbiased software selection


Strategy partner from planning through implementation


Advantages of hiring a consultancy. Source: Panorama Consulting

Our partners

Our team

david sanchez digital consultor Senda Consulting

David Sánchez

CEO | Digital consultant

we can meet at:
+32 479 15 86 20 | +385 95 366 7099
Rue de la Science 14,b Brussels, Belgium
Carmen Cerezuela

Carmen Cerezuela

Copywriter, web editor and journalist

Copywriter, web editor and journalist with more than 10 years of experience in communication. Write the contents of businesses and companies that want to connect with their customers and get better results on their websites, email campaigns, sales pages, and ads and media. Discover the strength of the stories at
Dijana Nedeva

Dijana Nedeva

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer with too many ideas and too little time
Ferran Sanchez sales and marketing manager

Ferran Sánchez

Sales and marketing manager

We can meet at:,
Ilica 71, Zagreb, Croatia

Javier Ruano

Sales and Marketing Assistant

we can meet at:
+385 95 3669522
Ilica 71, Zagreb (Croatia)


Mechanical Engineer, MBA External Consultant

Jorge Cisneros

Jorge Cisneros

EU Funding external consultant


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