Digital transformation: the first step for international expansion

The digital transformation allows companies to be more efficient, scale-up in business and, therefore, face international expansion more quickly and safely.

In fact, Gonzalo León, director of the Technological Innovation Support Center, says that “digitalization is not an option, but a necessity to survive in a globalized context.”

And it is that thanks to digitalization we can establish contact with suppliers, customers or the company’s workers in an agile and more economical way.

In this post, we analyze the opportunity that digital transformation has meant for companies to face new business processes, grow and address new markets.

Digital transformation

The scalability, key in the digital transformation


Digitization allows companies to be more flexible and scale their businesses.

And scalability is essential for any brand that wants to make its way into foreign markets and import its business model outside.

To facilitate this scalability there is software such as CRM or ERP that make the road easier.

Here we summarize 3 keys by which digitalization and internationalization go hand in hand:

  •  Universal access is essential to face internationalization.

We live in an increasingly mobile world and digitalization again, through the cloud makes it easier for workers to access from any type of support, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. But not only workers but also customers of the company can access the web or contact us from any corner of the world.

  • More economical

The digital transformation also offers greater opportunities to smaller companies. If before it was much more expensive and complicated to communicate with customers or workers from any part of the planet, today it is possible to do it simply and quickly thanks to information and communication technologies.

  • Outside company meetings

Today, business trips and meetings between workers or managers can be suppressed, since the quality, reliability, and ease of use of videoconferences are now a reality.

The main value has been the agility and comfort in conducting meetings with remote locations, reducing travel and time expenses, especially in the international and interprovincial field.

Company meetings

Digitization and globalization, walk hand in hand

Internationalization has become a strategic option for companies that survive in globalized markets.

And digital transformation is both a challenge and an opportunity from the perspective of internationalization. It allows to reduce infrastructure costs and easily extrapolate the ecosystem developed by a company in a country to new markets.

Also, data analysis allows us to better consider business costs and reduce uncertainty to operate in foreign markets.

For all this, digitalization has been an opportunity for companies to face new business processes, grow and address new markets.

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