2 ways to reduce paper use in your company: digital signing and cloud-based file

If there is something that companies in today’s world share, it is their growing concern for the health of the environment.

And it is that some of the daily activities that have characterized the companies of the twentieth century have led us through a spiral of wasteful work in which we have been entangled for decades.

For example, unnecessary waste of paper and ink, loss of time and space in offices to store documents or waste in the postal mail.

Luckily for our pocket and for the health of our environment, with the arrival of the digital signing and cloud-based file, today’s companies can invest in a more productive and less aggressive way of facing their daily tasks.

If you are an entrepreneur, in this post we give you the keys so you can save money, space and time in your business.


The digital signing has come to end the waste of paper


The implementation of the digital signing in the offices has come to end the work processes that involve large volumes of paper and wasted time.

Cloud based file

It not only brings advantages at an economic level but also at an operational and sustainability level.

We summarize some of the benefits of implementing the digital signature:

  • Paperless environment

    One of the advantages is the contribution to the reduction of environmental impact. And it is that companies use a large number of documents, in many cases unnecessarily.

  • Cost savings

    The saving of paper derived from the implementation of the digital signing can mean the economization of hundreds of thousands of euros to large companies. Money that can be used for other areas and investments.

  • Greater security

    Digital protection systems are very effective and reliable. In fact, documents with electronic signatures cannot be altered or manipulated as can be the case with physical documents.

Save space and reduce expenses by working with a cloud-based file


The methods are evolving.

We no longer work like ten years ago.

While workers need to access the data of their customers and the company from anywhere; companies seek to improve their traceability and streamline their processes to be more productive for the customer.

We analyze the main advantages of working in the cloud:

  • Cloud-based file improves universal access

We live in an increasingly mobile world, so having data management systems such as CRM or ERP (link to what they are) in the cloud will facilitate and expedite the work of companies. In this way, if any of your company’s team is out of the office, you can access it from any support, day and time.

Digital signing

  • Improves document management

The management of digital documentation is much faster and more agile than the management of paper documents. You speed up your time, the information is more accessible to all employees and improves traceability.

  • Retrench of space

Scanning allows you to archive all documents in the cloud. The freed-up space can be used to expand your office or to other more valuable uses.

  • Cloud-based file reduces costs

With the scanning of documents you avoid buying paper, you save on ink and spare parts and on the maintenance of printers. In addition, you stop spending on postal mail and replace it by email.

Make backup copies


The security of information that is stored in digital format is far superior to that of paper documents.

The information filed on paper is more exposed to accidents, leaks, floods, fires and much more accessible to third parties.

However, in a digital format, it is easier to establish a restricted access system. In addition, it is easier and less expensive to make periodic backups.

In this way, if there is a theft or loss of data, it is possible and much easier to retrieve the information.


More efficiency for your company and more health for the environment thanks to cloud-based file


As you can see today we have easier to save on costs and be more productive.

Therefore, it makes no sense to continue working with the same techniques of the twentieth century.

If you want to sign up for the improvements of the digital era, save paper and ink, space and money, contact us and we will show you how to work in a cloud-based file.

Your pocket will thank you. The environment too.

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