How to perform a task funnel with an ERP and streamline your processes

Planning and tracking the tasks in your company and having the results in real-time give you more speed when it comes to acting. And this is undoubtedly a competitive advantage over the competition.

The planning of the materials and, above all, to be able to foresee problems of supply quickly is another of the objectives that the companies pursue.

Big companies like Zara or Apple know very well how to speed up these processes, but not only can they do it, SMEs can also now tackle these tasks more effectively.

To effectively track the work processes of your company you can apply a task funnel with an ERP.


How to use a task funnel with an ERP

Although perhaps the best known is the sales funnel that is applied with a CRM and that you can see in this article, you can also establish a funnel of tasks with an ERP in your company.

Such funnel would allow you to more effectively track your work process within the company.

Of course, in each company the work process is different, although in summary, we could differentiate it into 3 large blocks:


1) Analysis

Task funnel with an ERP

An ERP allows you to consult and obtain instant, updated and real-time results (at any time and from any device).

It also facilitates comparative analysis and has predictive capabilities to adjust action plans and forecast trends.


2) Production of materials

Once the analysis is done, we move on to the production phase of materials. And having an adequate system that allows you to control them at any stage of production is paramount.

With an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system, you prevent supply problems and ensure permanent production.

The benefits of these systems also incorporate sophisticated inventories that can be updated in real-time to know the stock of a wide variety of raw materials, spare parts and other elements of use in production at the enterprise level.

An ERP system can also be of great help when organizing manufacturing schedules, delivery schedules and all kinds of activities related to the supply of materials and their proper use.

Finally, with this application you can also optimize communication with employees in the production sectors, knowing closely what the needs of each particular area are.

Production of materials

3) Delivery

Effective management in the delivery of materials is one of the fundamental activities for the success of a distribution company.

If the company fails at some of the levels of the delivery process, it is exposed to dangers of loss, customer dissatisfaction or inventory alteration.

An ERP system allows access to accurate information, which will not be altered by perceptions or confusion, reflects the reality of the inventory at all times and delivery commitments with variants such as dates, quantities, delivery addresses or customers.


Depending on the sector to which your company belongs, the work team and the project these 3 sectors will be subdivided into different subsectors.

It is very important that there is fluid communication between the components of the equipment and a good record of the work processes, in order to make a good forecast of the stock.


A task funnel with an ERP will make your company more competitive


Planning, having results in real-time and faster when acting are some of the advantages that companies seek to be more competitive.

Part of the success of companies like Zara depends on an effective organization and allows it to continue growing and continue to meet the needs of its customers quickly.

Whether your company is large or small, you can have a funnel of tasks with an ERP that will allow you to effectively track all your internal work processes.

In this post, you can know the benefits of applying an ERP.

If you are interested in applying a funnel with an ERP to be more competitive in today’s market, contact us and we will help you to carry it out.

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