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February 2020

susana lluna beltran

“If you spend 1 on your company, spend 1 on communicating it”

Susana Lluna Beltrán is a digital strategy consultant, a teacher at Foxize School, Speaker, and…
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ERP consultancyUncategorized

How to perform a task funnel with an ERP and streamline your processes

Planning and tracking the tasks in your company and having the results in real-time give…
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how to implement agile methodology with an ERP
ERP consultancy

How to implement agile methodology with ERP software

Each company has its own set of processes, products, and services that make it unique.…
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digital tranformation: the first step for the international expansion
Increase productivity

Digital transformation: the first step for international expansion

The digital transformation allows companies to be more efficient, scale-up in business and, therefore, face…
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